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Adam Brigham

I have been working within the health and fitness industry for over 10yrs and started my journey running exercise classes. Since then I have worked within football, rugby, netball and gymnastics as a strength and conditioning coach as well as delivering one-to-one and group lifting sessions.

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Science
  • Lv2 British Weightlifting Coach
  • Lv3 Personal Trainer
  • Ante/Post Natal Exercise
  • First Aid, Mental Health First Aid and DBS
Steph Coe

I was new to the gym four years ago and started with general exercise classes. When I was introduced to Weightlifting this quickly became my passion. I now have experience with Powerlifting and Weightlifting and love to lift!! I’m also known for spending more time chatting than actually training, so please come and find me for a catch-up anytime.

  • Lv1 Weightlifting Coach
  • Lv3 Personal Training
  • First Aid and DBS
Dan Davies

I started Thai boxing at the age of 14, This is when I was first exposed to Strength training in order to help prepare me for competitions in Thai, MMA and grappling, I quickly became more interested in Strength and conditioning over the sports themselves. After opening my own gym (Stone strength and conditioning) I decided to concentrate on power lifting to keep training alongside coaching/running a business.
I believe that strength training is for everyone, and in my experience lifting has only ever positively impacted my clients lives.
I've been lucky enough over the years to coach a range of clientele from recovering tumour patients who had been struggling to walk, to multiple European and British champions in combat sports, I have had the opportunity to help lifters improve their numbers including one British record.
All I ask from my clients is they show up and put the work in, the numbers on the bar don't matter.

  • Bsc exercise sciences
  • L3 PT
New Coach
Michal Skorupka

I have been doing sports activities since I was 14 years old. At that time, my main focus was the 100 m sprint. At age 17 I started bodybuilding training at the gym. After some time, I discovered Crossfit and it instantly became my passion.

Since then Crossfit has been with me all the time. I keep training in every spare moment between work and family life. All these years, I have acquired a lot of practical knowledge in the following disciplines: Acrobatics, calisthenics, crossfit, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

Currently, I really enjoy lifting weights! It's a sport that helps me focus in the moment/reach a specific state of mind and that fascinates me. I love it!.

For me, a gym is a place where a person can not only train, but also meet new, interesting people. You can have fun conversations and take care of your whole well-being. So if there is some free time, let's talk about lifting weights or any other topic.

Currently completing Lv1 Weightlifting

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