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Adam Brigham

I have been working within the health and fitness industry for over 10yrs and started my journey running exercise classes. Since then I have worked within football, rugby, netball and gymnastics as a strength and conditioning coach as well as delivering one-to-one and group lifting sessions.

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Science
  • Lv3 British Weightlifting Coach
  • Lv3 Personal Trainer
  • Ante/Post Natal Exercise
  • First Aid, Mental Health First Aid and DBS
Steph Coe

I was new to the gym four years ago and started with general exercise classes. When I was introduced to Weightlifting this quickly became my passion. I now have experience with Powerlifting and Weightlifting and love to lift!! I’m also known for spending more time chatting than actually training, so please come and find me for a catch-up anytime.

  • Lv2 Weightlifting Coach
  • Lv3 Personal Training
  • First Aid and DBS
  • Safeguarding Officer
Dan Davies

I started Thai boxing at the age of 14, This is when I was first exposed to Strength training in order to help prepare me for competitions in Thai, MMA and grappling, I quickly became more interested in Strength and conditioning over the sports themselves. After opening my own gym (Stone strength and conditioning) I decided to concentrate on power lifting to keep training alongside coaching/running a business.
I believe that strength training is for everyone, and in my experience lifting has only ever positively impacted my clients lives.
I've been lucky enough over the years to coach a range of clientele from recovering tumour patients who had been struggling to walk, to multiple European and British champions in combat sports, I have had the opportunity to help lifters improve their numbers including one British record.
All I ask from my clients is they show up and put the work in, the numbers on the bar don't matter.

  • Bsc exercise sciences
  • L3 PT
New Coach
Michal Skorupka

I have been doing sports activities since I was 14 years old. At that time, my main focus was the 100 m sprint. At age 17 I started bodybuilding training at the gym. After some time, I discovered Crossfit and it instantly became my passion.

Since then Crossfit has been with me all the time. I keep training in every spare moment between work and family life. All these years, I have acquired a lot of practical knowledge in the following disciplines: Acrobatics, calisthenics, crossfit, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

Currently, I really enjoy lifting weights! It's a sport that helps me focus in the moment/reach a specific state of mind and that fascinates me. I love it!.

For me, a gym is a place where a person can not only train, but also meet new, interesting people. You can have fun conversations and take care of your whole well-being. So if there is some free time, let's talk about lifting weights or any other topic.

Currently completing Lv1 Weightlifting

Josh Brookes
Josh Brookes

I have always been sport oriented from an early age where I played an 'okish' standard of football, I tore my menicus in my knee in 2016 and after that ive always looked at ways to help strengthen and avoid future injuries to myself and now my clients. I have recently added weightlifting to my routine. Deep down I'm a massive nerd, I love how the biomechanics of things work. I like to read, when I get chance, theres always something to learn and someone to learn from.

Im a family oriented person and my aim in life is to help as many people as possible to become healthier, happier, fitter and stronger.

Come lift heavy stick with me.

Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 1 BWL coach
Ante/Postnatal exercise
First aid


I have been going to the gym for a good few years now, either training by myself or going to classes. Then, three years ago I started doing lifting classes with Adam and got hooked on the very technical sport that is Olympic Weightlifting. What I love is the fact that this is not about aesthetics but about how much weight you can lift above your head. It is a very powerful sport and the feeling of mastering a lift is amazing!

Being part of Staffs Lifting Club for a while now and loving the community feel, I felt very lucky to be asked to become a coach and therefore to be able to give back and help out. Please don't be put off by my serious lifting face, I am actually quite approachable.

Please remember, it's not always about lifting big weights, but also about having fun and enjoying the process. Be consistent, have fun, smile and dance!

Clair Conabeare
Clair Conabeare

I am a weightlifting coach with a passion for developing young weightlifters and helping them achieve their goals. With a background in swimming and CrossFit, I discovered weightlifting and fell in love with the sport.

Outside of coaching, I enjoy staying active in my own training and finding new ways to challenge myself and improve my own athletic abilities. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, getting outdoors and reading. Being part of Staffs Lifting Club is like having an extended family and it's a great community to be part of and I just love catching up with everyone even if it does mean delaying training!

Lv2 Weightlifting Coach
Lv2 Mental Health First Aid
First Aid / DBS

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